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Created by three Dad’s; eduly has been built to enable parents to share in their child’s classroom experiences and to give teachers the chance, for the first time ever, to reap the benefits of recognition and reinforcement.

We passionately believe our technology will improve the experiences of parents, children, teachers and schools. So to ensure that as many schools can benefit, we are supplying our technology for free! Say hello and see how we can help you?

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We believe that mobile technology can better serve parents and teachers to help and support children through their early years development.

Of parents said they would talk with their children about lessons if they knew what they did at school.

Of teachers said that more teaching support would improve their classes grades.

Half of parents miss deadlines or school events because they were unaware of them.

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eduly has adopted leading mobile app technology to bring features that help parents and teachers update and monitor information about their children.

Regular updates to your eduly newsfeed direct from the classroom teacher and support staff.

Contact your child's teacher directly through the app.

Updates and notifications so you can easily stay in touch with events and the latest news from school.

Securely grant access to extended family members.

Easily switch between your children's feeds for a tailored experience.

Communicate directly with parents through the app.

Save time by sending communications to all parents at once.

Easily monitor communications between your school and home.

Cut out paperwork by monitoring and reporting directly through the app.

Live newsfeed to view your latest updates to parents.


How does it work?
Your child's class teacher will be using the app to record what children do in class. They’ll be writing notes, making observations on progress and uploading images and videos.

How secure is it?
Industry leading end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliant processing, ensure we adopt the best standards and makes the app fully secure.

Who will see my child?
Only the child's parents will see images, videos and work uploaded to the app so their newsfeed is fully personalised and tailored to the individual child. A parent can also grant access to additional family members or carers too.

How easy is it to use?
eduly is as easy to use as any other app. It’s like a WhatsApp for schools!

What if I don’t want to use the app?
There is no obligation to use the app at all. But we’d love you to give it a go.

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