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eduly® handles all of your communication, consent and engagement requirements, in once central platform.

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Homework & Assignments

Now teachers can assign homework or homeschooling assignments. Parents can upload their children's work. Teachers can mark homework and discuss with parents where their child might need further assistance or praise.

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87% Of teachers said that more teaching support would improve their classes grades.
94% Of parents said they would talk with their children about lessons if they knew what they did.
50% Half of parents miss deadlines or school events because they were unaware.

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One Platform

Effective communication is essential for building school-family partnerships. It constitutes the foundation for all other forms of family involvement in education. Here's how we help…

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Classroom Communication

We offer an effective school and parent engagement solution, including messaging, school notices, school letters and direct communication.

Classroom ~ Home feed

Involving parents more in the classroom, or now involving teachers more during homeschooling, we show parents what children have been up to using our unique feed.

Term or Yearly reports

Teachers can write up school reports or progress reports anytime throughout the year, keeping parents informed on their child's progress.

Clubs, Consent & Booking

Parents can give consent, book into clubs, parents evening, trips and soon be able to make payments all in one place.

Absence reporting

Parents can report absence directly within the app. Teachers can then prepare homework or assignments if required.

School Communication

Upload and send letters online. Post important announcements into parents feeds and send school-wide messages.


A dynamic full-term calendar allowing parents to view term times, trips and important deadlines.

Go Cashless

A complete cashless school. Parents can pay for trips, school dinners, clubs, uniform, books plus more.

It’s brilliant being able to share with parents what goes on in the classroom

— Class teacher, Rack House Primary School